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Building regulations

Building  regulations are designed to ensure certain types of  building work  are carried out to meet a specified a benchmark of safety and quality standards.  As a rule of thumb any additional living space  you wish to create for your home will require drawings that have been approved by the building control department of your local authority. Extensions, basement extensions and garage or loft conversions will require approval, ensuring the quality of the materials and workmanship is of an acceptable standard. Also taken into consideration are the layouts, access and fire escape routes.

Legislation is ever evolving and at ROCK we are up to speed with the current regulations. With our building regulations package you can have peace of mind that the proposed project will pass all of the inspections and will be signed off by building control, an incredibly important factor, as failure to comply with building regs will make it impossible for a future buyer of your home to obtain a mortgage. It is however, also important to employ a good builder. The design of the building regs for your project is only half of the story, the work also has to be passed on site to receive the all important certification from building control.


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